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Welcome to Immortality

Rafael Jones is just starting out as a private investigator after working as a detective for police forces in Buffalo and New York, NY, when...


About the series: The Forever Detective is about an ex-police, ex-military detective who originally wanted to be a musician. He never wanted to be undead, but you can't always get what you want and when a case unexpectedly leads him to a den of monsters, he finds himself having to deal with the supernatural, including himself. Unfortunately, you don't get an operator's manual with your new powers when you wake up in the morgue, and he need his sense of humor to cope as he learns.

It's also about history, technology, love, politics, magic, music, racism, feminism, friendship, and a zest for life even when you've been infected by anti-life.

So far: Forever's Too Long and Forever Haunted.

Coming soon: Forever in Deep.

About the author: Helen Krummenacker is currently working as an accounting technician in addition to being an author. Her interests include mysteries, history, mathematics, science, fantasy, folklore, ethics, and human interactions. While she's written poetry and fiction in many genres, Forever's Too Long was her first solo novel.

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