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Rafael Jones is just starting out as a private investigator after working as a detective for police forces in Buffalo and New York, NY, when...

Sunday, February 25, 2024

When you're only half alive...

 Time to get serious, friends and readers. I handled writing about vampires a little differently because I've had a health problem that left me with fatigue, aches, and a certain numbness about my body. I often thought of it as feeling only half-alive, and so I wanted to write vampirism as a disability (as well as having powers). I never believed it would be a glamorous experience for anyone, and having the physical sensations of it being part of the struggle of a normally energetic and positive hero seemed like a good way to make a story about vampires more interesting, and at the same time make it relatable. 

Turned out, I've had low cortisol issues for a long time. And after the first major surgery of my life, I spent a few months at "incompatible with life" levels. 

I got diagnosed and am getting treated. But it turns out I have some other health things going on (maybe because I didn't have enough cortisol to heal properly). I don't have clear diagnoses or know where this is going. It is affecting me enough that I am only doing a little bit of writing.

However, I will write a synopsis of the path forward for Rafael that will be published on my blog if at any time it becomes clear the series will not continue. I know firsthand how awful it is to have a series just stop without a proper conclusion..

There's nothing that will stop me from getting back to it when I am able to, though. I love these characters tremendously and have some great short stories for Medium Brown as well as the main line novels. 

Sunday, February 11, 2024

"Forever Haunted" Has Received a Kirkus Review...

"A well-paced and quirky love letter to classic crime fiction."

In the second installment of Helen Krummenacker’s Forever Detective series, a private investigator looks into a 20-year-old murder while also adjusting to his new life as a vampire. 

In the summer of 1947, Rafael Jones, a former cop and now a P.I., is hired by his friend Jimmy Clarke to debunk a rumor that the upstate New York family home Jimmy recently inherited is haunted, so that he can more easily sell the property. The rumor, however, is shown to be true when Rafael wakes up to a gruesome sight: a ghostly reenactment of a woman’s murder. He’s no stranger to the supernatural; a few months before, he was turned into a vampire himself. He knows that to help the woman’s spirit move on, he must identify her killer and bring him to justice. After establishing a friendly, albeit limited, rapport with the woman’s ghost through music, and with the help of clairvoyant Methuselah “Medium” Brown, he learns that her name is Phoebe Travers and that she was killed in 1925 by an ex-boyfriend who was the father of her child—a mobster named Lorenzo Russo. Rafael, with the help of friends, former police colleagues, and long-distance girlfriend Clara Thomas, gets to work tracking down Russo, finding new evidence, and going head-to-head with the mob. As he investigates, he teaches himself how to control his new vampiric abilities and use them to his advantage—all while resisting the urge to bite someone. 

In this sequel to Forever’s Too Long (2019), Helen Krummenacker presents a highly entertaining paranormal murder mystery. Rafael is a smart, compassionate protagonist who narrates his story with wry humor, especially when it comes to his vampiric condition: “It was nice to be sitting next to a pretty woman without feeling an itch around my teeth,” he says during his first interaction with Phoebe’s ghost. The cast of characters is impressively diverse and well developed, and the story moves quickly while offering sharp and detailed descriptions. Fans of vintage detective stories will enjoy this novel’s supernatural twist on a genre full of gruff detectives, organized crime, and femmes fatales.

Want to get a copy of this exciting mystery for yourself or someone you know? Here are the links, just remember to choose the one that works best for you...