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Sunday, February 25, 2024

When you're only half alive...

 Time to get serious, friends and readers. I handled writing about vampires a little differently because I've had a health problem that left me with fatigue, aches, and a certain numbness about my body. I often thought of it as feeling only half-alive, and so I wanted to write vampirism as a disability (as well as having powers). I never believed it would be a glamorous experience for anyone, and having the physical sensations of it being part of the struggle of a normally energetic and positive hero seemed like a good way to make a story about vampires more interesting, and at the same time make it relatable. 

Turned out, I've had low cortisol issues for a long time. And after the first major surgery of my life, I spent a few months at "incompatible with life" levels. 

I got diagnosed and am getting treated. But it turns out I have some other health things going on (maybe because I didn't have enough cortisol to heal properly). I don't have clear diagnoses or know where this is going. It is affecting me enough that I am only doing a little bit of writing.

However, I will write a synopsis of the path forward for Rafael that will be published on my blog if at any time it becomes clear the series will not continue. I know firsthand how awful it is to have a series just stop without a proper conclusion..

There's nothing that will stop me from getting back to it when I am able to, though. I love these characters tremendously and have some great short stories for Medium Brown as well as the main line novels. 

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