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Sunday, February 25, 2024

When you're only half alive...

 Time to get serious, friends and readers. I handled writing about vampires a little differently because I've had a health problem that left me with fatigue, aches, and a certain numbness about my body. I often thought of it as feeling only half-alive, and so I wanted to write vampirism as a disability (as well as having powers). I never believed it would be a glamorous experience for anyone, and having the physical sensations of it being part of the struggle of a normally energetic and positive hero seemed like a good way to make a story about vampires more interesting, and at the same time make it relatable. 

Turned out, I've had low cortisol issues for a long time. And after the first major surgery of my life, I spent a few months at "incompatible with life" levels. 

I got diagnosed and am getting treated. But it turns out I have some other health things going on (maybe because I didn't have enough cortisol to heal properly). I don't have clear diagnoses or know where this is going. It is affecting me enough that I am only doing a little bit of writing.

However, I will write a synopsis of the path forward for Rafael that will be published on my blog if at any time it becomes clear the series will not continue. I know firsthand how awful it is to have a series just stop without a proper conclusion..

There's nothing that will stop me from getting back to it when I am able to, though. I love these characters tremendously and have some great short stories for Medium Brown as well as the main line novels. 

Sunday, February 11, 2024

"Forever Haunted" Has Received a Kirkus Review...

"A well-paced and quirky love letter to classic crime fiction."

In the second installment of Helen Krummenacker’s Forever Detective series, a private investigator looks into a 20-year-old murder while also adjusting to his new life as a vampire. 

In the summer of 1947, Rafael Jones, a former cop and now a P.I., is hired by his friend Jimmy Clarke to debunk a rumor that the upstate New York family home Jimmy recently inherited is haunted, so that he can more easily sell the property. The rumor, however, is shown to be true when Rafael wakes up to a gruesome sight: a ghostly reenactment of a woman’s murder. He’s no stranger to the supernatural; a few months before, he was turned into a vampire himself. He knows that to help the woman’s spirit move on, he must identify her killer and bring him to justice. After establishing a friendly, albeit limited, rapport with the woman’s ghost through music, and with the help of clairvoyant Methuselah “Medium” Brown, he learns that her name is Phoebe Travers and that she was killed in 1925 by an ex-boyfriend who was the father of her child—a mobster named Lorenzo Russo. Rafael, with the help of friends, former police colleagues, and long-distance girlfriend Clara Thomas, gets to work tracking down Russo, finding new evidence, and going head-to-head with the mob. As he investigates, he teaches himself how to control his new vampiric abilities and use them to his advantage—all while resisting the urge to bite someone. 

In this sequel to Forever’s Too Long (2019), Helen Krummenacker presents a highly entertaining paranormal murder mystery. Rafael is a smart, compassionate protagonist who narrates his story with wry humor, especially when it comes to his vampiric condition: “It was nice to be sitting next to a pretty woman without feeling an itch around my teeth,” he says during his first interaction with Phoebe’s ghost. The cast of characters is impressively diverse and well developed, and the story moves quickly while offering sharp and detailed descriptions. Fans of vintage detective stories will enjoy this novel’s supernatural twist on a genre full of gruff detectives, organized crime, and femmes fatales.

Want to get a copy of this exciting mystery for yourself or someone you know? Here are the links, just remember to choose the one that works best for you...


Wednesday, December 20, 2023

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Friday, December 15, 2023

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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Signed Copies of Forever Chosen Are Now Available...

Look what arrived yesterday...

This means that signed copies are now available and can be sent to you or someone on your Christmas list (although please note we cannot guarantee delivery will arrive in time for Christmas due to slow postal service and lateness of the books having just reached us).

To order, just contact my husband, Allan at: 


Signed copies are $15.00, plus $3.00 for shipping

This 5th installment of the Forever Detective Series is already gaining 5-star ratings and reviews*, so why not check it out and see what new mischief our favorite vampire detective is finding himself in his latest outing. 

*the review:

Reviewed in the United States on December 1, 2023

Disclaimer up front--I know the author and was a beta reader for this book, however that is a very different experience than just reading it through purely for the pleasure of it. I purchased the e-book of Forever Chosen two days ago, and I've zipped through it as a fun read. Reluctant vampire and dedicated detective Rafael Jones comes up against his archenemy Russian criminal vampire Rasputin who hopes to corrupt and co-opt the Zionist movement in post World War II New York. This guy is very powerful, and it's a good thing Raf has the aid of a demonologist, a dryad, a sharp secretary, a NYPD cop, and maybe a Russian princess--and you will find yourself hoping that's enough. Helen Krummenacker successfully combines the detective noir genre with elements of fantasy and legend. I can hardly wait for the next book.

Also, if you're a fan of Smashwords here's another piece of news...

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Monday, December 4, 2023

5-Stars and New Outlet Links for "Forever Chosen"

5.0 out of 5 stars

"I've Become a Forever Fan of the Forever Detective..."

That's what one reader announced on her review of "Forever Chosen" over on Amazon. To read the full review, you can simply click on this link to see the full review:

        But that's not all. This fifth installment of the Forever Detective Series is now available in the following formats and outlets:

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Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/1486934

Apple: https://books.apple.com/us/book/forever-chosen/id6473464045

Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/forever-chosen-1

So why not grab your copy today, and while you're at it, why not grab a copy or two for family and friends? It is possible to purchase e-books as gifts at Amazon outlets, Smashwords, and over at Barnes and Noble. You simply supply the outlet with the e-mail address of the person you wish to buy the book for, as well as leaving a heartfelt note. Furthermore, you can even schedule the day it is to be delivered to that person... say on Christmas, Hannukah, birthday or other holiday or special occasion.


Friday, November 24, 2023

The Wait Is Over... "Forever Chosen" Is Now LIVE!

The original baddies are back in the 5th book of the Forever Detective Series...

Once upon a time, Rafael Jones was just another guy back from the war, starting up his own business. But because that business was a detective agency, he took a case that led him face-to-face with a pair of monsters.
One of those monsters, Grigori Rasputin the legendary Mad Monk of Russia, chose him to join their ranks and made him a vampire. But Rafael struggled against their 'gift', drove them from New York, and has continued to seek a cure, while holding onto his humanity in spite of his new condition.
But now those who turned him are back, and it seems like a new nightmare is about to be unleashed on a particular part of the city's population.
Rasputin, the vampire with religious mania, has turned his attention to those he acknowledges as God’s first Chosen People… the Jews. And now Rafael has to race against time and find out exactly what Rasputin has planned for them, and stop him, before the body count begins to stack up again.
Available NOW in Kindle and paperback formats...
Click on the appropriate link for your region to get your copy in this growing 5-star series:

Sunday, November 19, 2023

Book Trailer - Forever Chosen

GOOD NEWS! There's just a few more days now, until book 5 in the Forever Detective series comes out. 

But here's a little taste of what you can expect in "Forever Chosen"

Remember you can still pre-order your Kindle copy using the link below that's appropriate for your region.

Amazon Kindle: Forever Chosen (The Forever Detective Book 5) - Kindle edition by Krummenacker, Helen. Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

AmazonUK: Forever Chosen (The Forever Detective Book 5) eBook : Krummenacker, Helen: Amazon.co.uk: Kindle Store

AmazonCA: Forever Chosen (The Forever Detective Book 5) eBook : Krummenacker, Helen: Amazon.ca: Kindle Store

Links for more book sites will be posted soon.


Monday, November 13, 2023

Sneak Peek Sunday... Er Monday!!!

 Okay, this one was supposed to go up yesterday, but internet problems delayed things. But here is your first sneak peek at "Forever Chosen". Enjoy...

Chapter 1 - Not Kosher

There’s something lovely about waking up with your arms around the curves of a beautiful woman, unless you went to bed alone and weren’t expecting anyone. As my mood slipped from sensing the first thing to realizing the second, I opened my eyes and found red-gold hair only inches from my face. “Yekaterina,” I said. I pulled back and got out of bed, wrapping up in my top blanket as I did. I had on boxers, but suddenly, that did not feel like enough.

She shifted position to face me. She was not naked; instead, she wore an ivory satin night dress that was clinging to her in a way that only drew more attention to her form than exposed skin would do. “What are you doing here?” I asked.

“Silly boy. I’m seducing you, what does it look like I’m doing?” Her eyebrows arched playfully over her blue eyes.

“Not that. I’m not being seduced.”

“Why not?” She leaned forward a little, her nightdress gapping slightly in front, revealing more of her pale skin. You might think all vampires have pale skin, but mine is still tan, thanks to the Latin heritage from my mother.

I’m Rafael Jones, and I might have more affection for Yekaterina if it weren’t for the following fact. “I still remember you getting me captured in the first place, which led directly to my untimely demise and undead condition.”

“Are you still upset about that?” She rolled her eyes as if I was being entirely unreasonable. “You’ve had almost a year to get used to it.”

“You’ve had almost a year to push Rasputin overboard during your travels. Have you done that?”

“No, but then it didn’t work when you did it. Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten we can fly.”

“Out into the sun, then?” I suggested.

“He’s much stronger than I am.”

“But you could get a couple of thralls to put him outside while he’s sleeping.”

She cocked her head to one side, as if she were seriously considering the scenario, and whether it would play out well. I couldn’t really hold it against her that she hadn’t fully betrayed him yet. That was the thing that made our relationship complicated. She worked with Rasputin, but she didn’t seem to fully want to. She’d been made into a vampire by him, it was obvious, and she feared him but was also attracted to him. I couldn’t really understand that last bit, as I considered him a pretty gruesome specimen, but it was likely his mental powers helped him keep her in his sway. “I need to keep up a little deniability. I don’t really know what it would take to kill him. And besides, if I don’t have you, if I got rid of him, I would be alone.”

“Would that be so bad?”

“We have intense appetites, Rafael. You do, too.” She was not wrong. It didn’t mean I had to do anything about it, though.

“I don’t like our appetites.”

“You’ve hardly tried them, have you?” She tilted her head again, this time, backwards, slowly baring her neck.

“Stop it.” I couldn’t see the pulse fluttering in her vein, because our hearts beat very slowly and our blood is thick. But I could see the faint change in color there, like a black vein just below the surface on a marble statue. “I think you’ll find I’m too stubborn. I stand firmly on many things. Among them is not getting into bed with a woman I haven’t even had a conversation with.”

“That almost sounds like…”

“An invitation to put on a robe, come to my kitchen, and talk over coffee. Do you drink coffee?”

“Yes.” She slipped on an old flannel robe I had left on a chair. “It warms me up. But not as well as other things.” The look she gave me pretty much spelled out what else could warm us up.

To be honest, I didn’t dislike her as much as I claimed. I had a worried sense we had more in common than I was comfortable with. At the same time, some things about her grated on me: a sense of entitlement she seemed to have, particularly how, in connection with her vampirism, it seem to make her comfortable with using people, even killing them. That should make me dislike her a lot. But she resisted her thirst at first, she had tried to help me, and most of all, she had an unpredictable sense of compassion. It didn’t hurt that she was beautiful, tall, slender, and elegant like an Art Deco ideal.

       Well, there you have it! Yekatarina is back which means Rasputin cannot be far behind. What are they up to this time? Are they still after Eugene Marshall, or do they have some other nefarious plan up their sleeves?

       However, you only have to wait until November 23rd to find out. And of course with the busy holiday season upon us, why not pre-order your e-copy of "Forever Chosen" using the link that's right for your region below so your copy can be there waiting for you to enjoy at your leisure:

       More links for other outlets like Barnes and Noble, Kobo and other sites will be coming soon. So, stay tuned to this blog!