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Monday, June 1, 2020

The Future of the Forever Detective Series

With 3 books done, you may wonder if I have plans for further novels in the series. Yes, I do.

Right now I have 12 more novel concepts planned already just for Rafael Jones. And while I have them in mind to be in the 40s-50s, I'm interested in doing more contemporary stories with him. I'd like to give him a Goth sidekick in the 80s, because of course that would happen. :)

One thing I want to know is: as a reader, do you want the books to be in chronological order? Or are you okay with the series jumping around a bit in time if the story warrants it? (And thanks to weird genius Eugene, time travel may even be part of some plots.)

Also: would you love a spin-off? While getting the stories direct from Rafael has its appeal, you know that Clara, Medium Brown, Sir Lynn Fox, and other members of W.I.T.C.H. Hunters have stories of their own. I want to get to work on those soon, starting with an anthology. Are you intrigued?
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  1. Chronological is not important to me. Bringing things forward to a new time period would be interesting. Yes I would love a story from Clara's voice.

    1. I was planning to do a fair amount of 3rd person omni pov in it, but I could also do some varied first person.

  2. Release order does not need to be chronological - I'm sure it goes without saying that you will ensure consistency and continuity when you go to fill in the gaps.

    I would also love to see spinoffs with varied voices/perspectives provided by other characters.

    1. Consistency is very important to me.

      The spinoff is also going to be a great chance to play with different abilities and locations.