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Rafael Jones is just starting out as a private investigator after working as a detective for police forces in Buffalo and New York, NY, when...

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Music, Music, Music

Because Raphael was a musician before he was a detective, specific songs are referenced in the books. In the second book, he's working to solve the murder of a mysterious ghost, and in order to determine what year she died in, he plays music to get her reactions.

If you like music, I recommend reading on or near a device that will allow you to pull up the songs-- they will give you a sense of setting, character, and can serve as a bit of a soundtrack to the adventure. I do love the jazz era sound and I think you will, too.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Planning cover art

So, I paint as well as write and am working on an painting to use as cover art.

Finding some reference photos to help with details is an interesting challenge. I love the mood here, it's similar to what I want to convey, but it's taken from above and I need the skyline from below.

There are other great pictures of Manhattan from 1947, though, and this one is what I really needed. 

Saturday, March 9, 2019

No Spoilers!

To tell the truth, every time I write about my writing, it's hard to keep myself in check. Because I want so much to talk about story elements which would end up being spoilers. When you're deeply involved in something and so excited, the only way to hold it in is to remind yourself that the other people will enjoy it so much more if they get the reveal in the way that was intended.

So I have to act as Benedict Cumberbatch to my inner Tom Holland and not allow anything but teasers and vague talk about my influences or process.

It's worth it. I'm starting to get feedback from my beta readers and one of them just got to a major twist.