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Sunday, January 16, 2022

Status of Projects


Photo by Laura Kapfer on Unsplash

Just wanted to give a basic update as to where things are. 

Forever Festive is available in audiobook form now. I know, it's after the holidays, but if you prefer listening to reading because you are stuck in traffic or working with your hands, maybe extend the spirit of the season longer-- or put it on your wishlist so you get it in time for next year's Yuletide cheer. 

W.I.T.C.H. Hunters Forever, the spin off anthology, will be out in time for summer reading. Doing some last edits and getting cover art. This one has a mere glimpse of Rafael, but Clara Thomas, Sir Lynn, Eugene Marshall,  and Medium Brown provide other familiar faces. The collection also introduces new characters, one of whom will be an important player in the next Forever Detective book. 

The next Forever Detective book is in the writing process. It's called Forever Chosen and brings back Yekaterina and Rasputin. It's likely to run a little longer than the others so far. 

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