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Saturday, January 11, 2020

Where do you get your ideas?

It's one of the oldest questions a writer gets.

Well, my style is based on detective classics. So some of my ideas are working with archetypes from there: the wise-cracking but romantic detective, the femme fatale, the bullying cop, the goon, etc.
But it's also influenced by old fashioned creepy fiction. Maybe not horror, as the vibe is more adventure, the heroes have the chance to take useful action, for instance. But Dracula, for instance, was a strong influence.
Mythology and folklore. True crime. And a lot of actual history. A lot of what I do is built on traditional ideas, just working them in new ways.

I also listen to what people say they'd like to see. Toss it around, see if it can fit into my plans.

Then maybe something really weird strikes me out of the blue from my own head.

Or. Tonight. A friend shared this on Facebook. This strange upcycled art doll. It's weird. It makes people uneasy. But it seems oddly connected to the natural world, too. I think it might be more mischievous than evil.

I feel like it's going to be in a W.I.T.C.H. Hunters story-- I intend to do an anthology with them at some point so you can get to know all of them much better.

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