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Thursday, December 24, 2020

And to all a good night

 Well, as you know, I had to change my goal from having Forever Festive out before Christmas this year to next year, and gave you a Christmas short story, Krampus Lesson instead. That's one of a few that will appear in an anthology around mid 2021, so long as I can stay on track. We've also had to bump back the audiobook for Forever Haunted until early 2021. The talented Allan Krummenacker has nearly finished editing it, but Audible's approval process can take weeks. 

I'd like to thank everyone for reading (or listening to) my works. It takes months, minimum, to finish writing a novel, and the thing that makes it worthwhile is the belief it will be giving others great enjoyment. Every reader is appreciated, and anything you do to make more people aware of the series by linking others to the short story, writing reviews, or donating a book to a library, is very special. 

Stay safe this holiday season, but have a happy one. Much love to you all, 

Helen Krummenacker

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