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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Sound Sample Saturday - Chapter 8 Sure To Give Offense

Welcome back to Sound Sample Saturday

"Don't you just hate it when a plan comes together?" That could be the thought going through the mind of our hero Rafael Jones as he finds out the smuggled art and the cult are really part of the same sinister plot. 

Last time we left him he'd landed up in the 'frying pan', when he'd tried to infiltrate the cult that was recruiting Eugene's employees. The sickly, strange cultists had managed to capture him. Now Rafael's about to come face-to-face with their spiritual leader, a man long believed dead, and is about to realize he's gone from frying pan and into the fire!


Alas, as the title of this entry (and its predecessors) have hinted, the 'free samples' of "Forever's Too Long" is now at an end. The story however, still has a ways to go. Will Rafael survive? Can he save himself not only physically but spiritually? And can he keep his friend Eugene out of the clutches of Rasputin and Yekaterina?

To find out the answers, you'll need to get your own copy of "Forever's Too Long" at one of the links below (for those who do not have access to Audible or Itunes, I've supplied links for paperback and the e-book versions as well):


Audible Link: Forever's Too Long - Audible


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