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Friday, March 4, 2022

The smell of blood... and many other things.

 Lately I've had a bit of an interest in perfumes with cool names... but just a bit of an interest because I find a lot of commercial scents don't really work with my asthma and migraines. 

But I've always been good with essential oils, so I looked up how to make your own perfume base and it's super easy. The smell of blood, mentioned above, is actually rust and I'm going to experiment to see how to extract rust's scent. 

I'm going to run a few experiments to get the perfect scents, but when I do, I may make extra and offer perfumes like Vampire Detective and Definitely Not Covert Ops. There won't be a Rasputin scent, though. 

Might be a bit crazy of me, but it seems fun.

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