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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Sound Sample Saturday - Forever Festive Chapters 10 and 11

As promised, this week we're bringing you more audio chapters from "Forever Festive". Now originally, I planned on three chapters, but just these two are over half an hour long, so we're saving Chapter 12 and 13 for next weekend. After that it may be time to give you all some updates on what's happening with the next book in the series and beyond.

But for now, please enjoy "To the Victor" and "Sol Invictus"

Chapter 10 "To the Victor"

Note: Since Allan is so good at voices, I often cast characters based on who he can do. In this case, I based the character of Victor Finn, on Abe Vigoda who many will remember as the lovable but grumpy "Sgt. Fish" from TV's series "Barney Miller". Some faces and voices are just too good to pass up sometimes.

Chapter 11 "Sol Invictus"

NEXT TIME: Chapter 12 “Persephone and Snow”, and Chapter 13 “Can't See the Forest For the Trees”

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